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ALERT! HCAM’s Convention Expo is officially sold out as of August 14, 2023! Kiosks will no longer be included with any new partnerships for 2023 (this does not change the price of the partnership). We have a number of sponsorships still available for vendors looking for exposure.

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Welcome to HCAM!

Building industry connections has never been easier…or more important.

A great way to become a recognized name in the Michigan long-term care community is to partner with the Health Care Association of Michigan. We offer our partnership program to individuals and companies engaged in the business of supplying products and services to the long-term care profession. Your partnership gives you access to valuable marketing and business development opportunities in the industry.

New Opportunities to Connect

HCAM has revitalized our annual vendor expo for 2023. Instead of the traditional booths in a cavernous expo hall, we will have:

  1. An exclusive opportunity for up to 70 partners to have a customized kiosk during a networking reception featuring a trivia game, fantastic prizes, and of course appetizers and beverages!
  2. We’re also launching our VIP+ tier this year which features an elite branding opportunity. Picture this, a 10 ft by 8 ft wall with your graphics displayed right next to our registration desk at DeVos. If you want to make an impression on our attendees, there is nothing bigger or better than this!
  3. Additionally, all VIP+ and VIP partnerships include the opportunity to have a tabletop display in the foyer at DeVos Place Convention Center all day Monday and Tuesday offering unprecedented access to attendees.
  4. Finally, across all four partnership tiers, we are adding a searchable online partner directory – our members will be able to search for new vendors with ease in our new system.

Partnership Tiers

Associate Partnerships are calendar year commitments, expiring every December 31. Partnership rates will not be prorated.

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What do the kiosks and walls look like? 

Update 6/19/2023: Only 17 kiosks remain!

VIP+, VIP, and Standard partnerships include a kiosk at our annual convention during the Tuesday evening networking reception. Additionally, Value partners may elect to purchase a kiosk a la carte. There are only 70 kiosks available – once these have been claimed, we will not be able to sell more (or include more with partnerships).

These kiosks include your provided artwork and two shelves. The printed graphic is 8 feet tall and 18 inches wide. Each vendor will have a 5 foot x 5 foot space. Any additional equipment is not included (the printer and iPad in the picture are not included).

Note: non-partners are not eligible to purchase a kiosk.


VIP+ partnerships include a graphic wall as pictured – displayed near registration at DeVos Place on Monday and Tuesday for high traffic and visibility. VIP+ and VIP partnerships also include a 10×10 display area with a classroom table and two chairs in the foyer at DeVos Place on Monday and Tuesday to network with attendees in between sessions.


*Note the gallery below scrolls through 5 pages of sponsorship options. Sponsors that are NOT current partners of HCAM will pay $500 additional per sponsorship. Some sponsorships are limited to partners only.



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Event & Membership Demographics

Event & Membership Demographics












Expo Floor Plan

Current Partner, Vendor and Sponsor Registrations
  • Click here to see current event sponsors.
  • Click here to see current partners by partnership level.
  • Click here to see current partners by company category.
  • Click here to see current kiosk assignments and exhibitor listing.

Trivia Kiosks

Upgrade to one of 20 available Trivia kiosks to be featured in the exclusive trivia night game, which will be used in the drawing for grand prize giveaways. Upgrade fee is $200.

Participating vendors will receive special instructions on how the trivia game will work. Attendees will be required to interact with Trivia Kiosks in order to be eligible to win expo grand prizes. Exhibitors who contract a Trivia Kiosk booth will be highlighted in marketing to attendees.

Attendee Prize Giveaway

Exhibitors are encouraged to purchase a prize at least $50 in value for the attendee prize giveaway. Previous prizes have included designer handbags, trips/excursions, wine baskets, spa baskets, smart devices such Amazon Echo, gift cards or cash, and exhibitor products (such as 1 year free license of software).

Participating exhibitors will be encouraged to proudly display their prize at their own booth during the expo show. Vendors are encouraged to collect business cards or utilize the badge scanning lead retrieval service offered by MTS Tracking to select winners.


Terms, Conditions & Policies Related to Partners, Exhibitors & Sponsors

Terms & Conditions
  1. HCAM fees, and included benefits, are non-transferable and non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit value. Engagement inclusions/benefits cannot be shared amongst multiple organizations. If an event is cancelled for any reason beyond HCAM’s control, HCAM will not be held liable for any expenses already incurred by the exhibitor, sponsor or partner.
    1. Partnerships: All partnership sales are final and non-refundable.
    2. Sponsorships: All sponsorship sales are final and non-refundable. If HCAM cancels the event for any reason, the sponsor will be offered other sponsorship opportunities. If it is deemed by both parties that no other viable sponsorship is available, the sponsorship will be refunded less any costs for merchandise purchased by HCAM that contains the logo of the sponsor (example, logo lanyards).
    3. Exhibits: All exhibitor cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to HCAM. Exhibitor cancellations received on or before June 1, 2023 will be assessed a fee of half the cost of the contracted booth(s). After June 1, 2023, all exhibitor sales are final and any booth fees become non-refundable. All exhibitor cancellations include the forfeiture of all exhibitor badges.
  2. If you elect not to pay your engagement fees in full with your application (which is only allowed for engagements exceeding $5,000), 50 percent of the application fee is due with the application. You will be billed the remaining balance in two equal installments on April 1 and June 1. All partnership balances must be paid by June 30. If your balance falls in arrears of more than 30 days, your benefits will be suspended until your account is brought current. Payment plans are not available for any engagements less than $5,000. No booths or sponsorships can be held until the minimum payment is received by HCAM.
  3. It is important for HCAM to contact your organization throughout the year. If the individual responsible for maintaining your selection(s) changes, please notify Mary Gettel at as soon as possible. We want to stay in touch with you to maximize your partnership with us.
  4. Associate Partners, Sponsors and Exhibitors may promote their engagement with HCAM however, the use of HCAM logo and statements indicating HCAM endorses your organization are strictly prohibited.
  5. Partnership with HCAM may be terminated at the discretion of the Health Care Association of Michigan for violations of the terms of this agreement as well as conduct considered unprofessional. HCAM reserves the right to determine what actions or behaviors are unprofessional and constitute reason to revoke partnership in the program. Refunds will not be issued if the partnership is terminated for these reasons.
  6. Due to privacy laws, HCAM cannot provide attendee lists that include anything more than name, title and facility. Lists will include only the names of attendees who opt-in to having their name included on attendance lists.
  7. In the interest of the success of the entire event, partners, sponsors and exhibitors agree not to extend invitations, call meetings, host events or otherwise encourage the absence of attendees or exhibitors during the official hours of the event including education sessions, exhibit show hours, and networking events. Exhibitors agree to abide by the installation and dismantle times set by HCAM and to have at least one person staffing their booth during all published exhibit hours. HCAM prohibits the sharing or subleasing of booth space. Two or more companies may not share the same space.
  8. Online registration through Swoogo is the only method of registration available. Please whitelist (add to safe senders) the following email domains to ensure you receive confirmations and additional details via email:,, and
  9. Upon registration, you will receive an email from confirming your registration. Please check your spam/junk folders and whitelist this email address to ensure you receive this email and future communications regarding the event.
  10. Force Majeure Clause: HCAM conferences will be cancelled due to inclement weather or other acts of God (including, but not limited to, flood, fire, or natural disaster) only if the venue and/or location of the event is closed or provides notice to HCAM of its inability to hold the event, or if the local government declares an emergency status is in effect for the location of the event. If an HCAM conference is cancelled due to inclement weather or other acts of God as set forth herein, every attempt will be made to reschedule the event and your registration fee will be applied to the rescheduled event date. Any travel expenses that may have been incurred cannot be refunded under any circumstances. If the HCAM event is held but weather conditions (whether forecasted or actualized) prohibit you from traveling, HCAM cannot refund your registration fee.

Photography Policy

By registering for and/or attending any HCAM event, participants acknowledge and agree that data, video, photographs, and other image and voice recordings of the event, may be documented by HCAM or parties acting on the behalf of HCAM. The data, video, photographs, and other recordings may be used by HCAM in any media now known or later invented for any purpose related to HCAM’s mission, including educational, promotional, and awareness-related use. Registration to this virtual event includes technology that monitors participant activities throughout the event platform, such as session attendance to determine continuing education credit eligibility and virtual Expo visits. Participants give HCAM unlimited permission to use their name, likeness, image, statements and other information given to HCAM, whether through registration, interactions in the platform during the event, or otherwise, that may be necessary for HCAM to exercise its rightful use of data, video, photographs and other recordings. 

Code of Conduct Policy

HCAM has zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment, including but not limited to sexual harassment by participants or our staff at our meetings. If you experience harassment or hear of any incidents of unacceptable behavior, HCAM asks that you inform either Melissa Samuel, President/CEO, or Mary Gettel, Director of Education, so that we can take the appropriate action.

Unacceptable Behavior is defined as:

  • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination in any form.
  • Verbal abuse of anyone associated with our event. Examples include, but are not limited to, verbal comments related to gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion, national origin, inappropriate use of nudity and/or sexual images in public spaces or in presentations, or threatening or stalking behaviors.
  • Disruption of presentations during sessions, in the exhibit hall, or at other events organized by HCAM throughout the meeting. All participants must comply with the instructions of the moderator and any event staff.

Additional prohibited activities include:

  • Participants should not copy or take screen shots of Q&A or any chat room activity that takes place in the virtual space.
  • Participants are strictly prohibited from recording, distributing or otherwise publicizing sessions in any manner, unless prior approval is received in writing from both the association and the individual presenter. All materials are proprietary and protected.
  • Sharing personal event registration sign on information with other individuals to attempt circumventing registration payment in prohibited.
  • Participants are prohibited from accessing the program on two devices at the same time.
  • All registrants must present a conference name badge to enter education sessions, earn credit, and/or participate in networking functions or meals.

HCAM reserves the right to block access to the event and/or prohibit attendance at any future meeting, virtual or in person, and seek legal action against violators where applicable.

Antitrust Policy

It is the established policy of the Health Care Association of Michigan to comply with all laws, including the antitrust laws. Because this event includes individuals representing entities that are or may be competitors, we restrict our communications to the discussion topics specifically addressed by HCAM in this event. In order to comply with this policy, please refrain from addressing any issues related to your respective companies’ competitively sensitive proprietary information, including (but not limited to) current or future pricing, rebates, margins, discounts, terms of sale or costs, strategic plans or initiatives, business plans, bidding situations, sales to specific customers, or in specific geographic areas. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact HCAM at

Third Party Solicitors Notice
  • HCAM does not sell attendee lists or member lists.
  • HCAM is aware that third-party vendors are contacting exhibitors and attendees about lead lists which purport to consist of attendee contact information. This is a SCAM. Please note that HCAM does not sell attendee lists to outside parties. These companies are NOT affiliated with or endorsed by HCAM. We continue to investigate these solicitations and apologize for the inconvenience.
  • HCAM also does not endorse nor contract any third-party room reservation companies. All reservations will need to be made directly with the hotel. Any third party solicitation should be treated as a scam.

No Direct Sales Policy

Due to security and sales tax implications, no firm or organization sponsoring the HCAM Annual Convention or serving as an exhibitor is permitted to engage in direct sales (cash, check, or credit card) activity within the exhibit area or contracted conference space. As well, payment information for future orders is not permitted to be collected within the exhibit area or contracted conference space. 

Exhibitor Badge Policy

Exhibiting companies must request and obtain name badges for distribution only to the exhibiting company’s employees who will staff their booth during show hours. Name badges will include the name of the employee along with the name of the exhibiting company. No one will be allowed into the event without a name badge.

Exhibitor Badge Policy: Please note, only current employees of the exhibiting company may acquire a badge! All employees of an exhibiting company must be prepared during show hours to show proof of employment with a business card. The failure of an employee to demonstrate proof of employment with a business card will result in confiscation of the unauthorized name badge and immediate escorting of the non-employee individual off of the trade show floor. In addition, should it be discovered that a non-employee of an exhibiting company is wearing a name badge or that the exhibiting company obtained a name badge for a non-employee or participated in a scheme to obtain a name badge for a non-employee, the exhibiting company will be prohibited from exhibiting at the following year’s HCAM Annual Convention & Expo.

No Suitcasing Policy

No Suitcasing! Representatives of companies that have not purchased a booth will not be allowed to show products, discuss services, or otherwise solicit business in the trade show area; that right is reserved exclusively for representatives of those companies that have purchased booths. Anyone who violates this policy will be escorted from the Trade Show and will not be permitted to re-enter for the duration of the convention.



Engagement FAQ


What will my vendor name badge grant me access to?
Your name badge must be worn at all times in order to grant entrance to the Tuesday evening networking exhibit reception. Your name badge will NOT grant you entrance into education sessions or any additional meals or events.
What if I want to get CE credits and attend education?
Vendor passes do not grant access to education sessions. You will need to register for a full conference pass. Some partnerships and sponsorships include complimentary full conference passes.
When will Associate Partner Council Meetings be held?

February 8, 1-2 pm

May 17, 1-2 pm

August 9, 1-2 pm

November 8, 1-2 pm

All meetings will be held on Zoom. Attendance is limited to VIP+, VIP, and Standard Partners. Each eligible partner may have 2 representatives on the call.

How do I order power/internet for my kiosk?
All additional services can be arranged through Art Craft Display. Instructions can be found in the Exhibitor Toolkit which will be sent out summer 2023.
Do I get an attendee list?
Yes, you will receive pre-conference attendee lists as well as post-conference attendee lists. These will NOT include email addresses.
DeVos Place Convention Center: Exhibitor Guidelines (VIP and VIP+ Partners Only)
We look forward to serving you at the DeVos Place Convention Center! We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in helping insure that everyone has a safe and successful event. The Convention Center has a temporary vehicle delivery area on the loading dock. This space is reserved to allow safe access for exhibitors to transport materials to and from their exhibit areas. Show Management will publish the dates and times established for the use of the loading zone in advance of the show.

  • Exhibitor Vehicle Access During Move In/Out – Must use loading dock entrances at the DeVos Place Convention Center only. There are no load-in privileges at any other entrances. See map for more info.
  • Passenger elevators may not be used for transporting freight. There is no on-site freight storage nor can we accept deliveries on your behalf at DeVos Place Convention Center prior to the first contracted move-in day of the event. Contact ArtCraft Display or your drayage company to arrange for shipping and storage.
  • Exhibitor Building Access During Move In/Out – please use the Service Entrance on the loading dock.
  • Bring Your Own Carts – ArtCraft display has a limited number of flatbed carts available on a first come, first served basis. Carts are checked out at the loading dock. Please return the cart when finished. You are encouraged to bring your own cart to expedite the load in process.
  • Parking – Parking is available at DeVos Place and several parking ramps in the immediate area. Parking in the loading area is prohibited.
  • Exhibitors Hiring Labor – Exhibitors who hire other than the official show decorator for booth installation and dismantling, must notify Show Management of the names of their I&D staff in writing not less than 30 days in advance of the event. Access of I&D staff must be coordinated through the official show decorator.
  • Children under 16 are NOT permitted on the show floor or loading docks during move-in and move-out times.
  • Floor Tape – the use of single- sided or double- stick foam tape, single side or double stick cellophane tape, or masking tape is prohibited on any surface in the Convention Center. Please check with your decorator for approved material.
  • Exhibitor Utilities – Utilities must be ordered 14 days prior to the event, i.e. (Air/Water/Drain, electrical, and telephone services). Service Order forms are available through DeVos Place Convention Center. All multiple booth areas should include a layout with utility locations with the order. This will help everyone set the order accurately. Services may be ordered during load in at the Floor Rate through the exhibitor service desk.
  • Exhibitor Fire Safety and Decoration – All fire, safety and Convention Center regulations must be strictly followed. No propane, acetylene or other flammable or explosive materials are allowed. Gasoline powered vehicles may be displayed with a maximum of ¼ tank of gas. (There are no exceptions.) The vehicle gas cap must be taped or locked and the battery cables disconnected and ends taped. Tanks of compressed air or gas must be chained and secured at all times.
  • Exhibitor Signs, Decorations or Banners – Decorations may not be attached to any surfaces in the building. No holes may be drilled, cored, or punched into the building. All equipment used must be stable without bolting or anchoring to floors or walls. Decorations may not include lighter than air (helium) balloons, crepe paper, cellophane, confetti, cotton, cornstalks, leaves, evergreen boughs/trees, glitter, sheaves of grain, streamers, straw, paper, vines, etc. Poster putty is allowed on glass or plaster wall surfaces. For overhead or heavy signage please contact ArtCraft Display.
  • Exhibitor Food Samples – Subject to Show Management approval, those who manufacture, process or distribute food as their normal course of business and wish to distribute food samples, may be allowed. This is provided food samples are no larger than bite size and beverage sizes no larger than 3 ounces. Please contact the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and your Event Coordinator for approval prior to your arrival.
    An exhibitor, who does not manufacture process or distribute food as their normal course of business and would like to distribute food items, must purchase these items from the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. Please contact the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel to make arrangements to purchase food and beverage services.
  • Exhibitor Giveaways – Samples may not include stick-on decals, lighter than air (Helium) balloons, glitter, etc.
  • Tobacco Free – DeVos Place Convention Center is a smoke and tobacco-free environment. Please do not smoke in the facility. Smoking cannot occur within 10 feet from any entrance.
  • Gratuity Policy – We are here to serve you. No gratuities should be offered to employees.

Michigan/Lyon Street-Freight Elevators, Ramps, Loading Docks, Marshalling Yard

DeVos Place has two sets of loading docks: The Lyon Street loading docks (located on Lyon Street on the South end of the building), service the DeVos Performance Hall, Steelcase Ballrooms, and the Monroe Meeting rooms. The Michigan Street loading docks (located on Michigan Street on the North end of the building), service the Exhibit Halls, Grand Gallery, Grand Gallery meeting rooms, Gallery Overlook and River Overlook meeting rooms. Exhibitors will need to check-in with the Traffic Control Guard on the loading dock, letting him know which booth they are in AND in which event/show they are participating. The guard will direct them to the dock available for their show.

Once the exhibitors have parked their vehicles in the loading dock, they must unload their items onto a cart. Flatbed carts and pallet jacks will be available from your decorator, but in limited supply. If exhibitors have their own personal cart, dolly, or other item that would assist them in transporting their items into the exhibit hall we would encourage them to bring it for their personal use. After their items have been removed from their vehicles and placed in the vicinity of their booth, they must return to the loading dock and remove their vehicle. Vehicles are to be removed from the loading dock before exhibitors spend time “setting up” or “arranging” their booths.

Parking is available in the DeVos Place Parking Ramp which is directly beneath the building and can be accessed from the entrance on the North West corner of DeVos Place on Michigan Street. Additional parking may be available in the City-County Building on Monroe Street (across from DeVos Place).

Exhibitors have multiple options for re-entry into DeVos Place after they have parked their vehicle. If they park in the parking ramp below DeVos Place, they may take any of the elevators up to the DeVos Place Grand Gallery. The other option is to re-enter the building through the Grand Gallery doors on Monroe Street.

Vehicles may not be left in the loading dock for any reason except for load-in or load-out purposes without the approval of the building. Load-out will not begin until the time approved by the presenter of the event. Carts, pallet jacks, etc. will not be available until the arranged load-out time. The loading dock interior and exterior doors will not open until the time posted in the show program.

Exhibitors are asked to disassemble their booths and transport their items to the loading dock upper walkway before retrieving their vehicles.


If arranged prior to load in/load out, exhibitors may use the freight elevator in Exhibit hall “B” to shuttle materials to and from the parking ramp. The freight elevator will be operated by a security guard, at additional expense to the event settlement. This is a great option for events that have a lot of vendors arriving with personal vehicles and small trailers. This option must be advanced with your event coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to your event start date.


Scribner Street (west side of the Grand River) may be used as the Marshaling Yard / Staging Area for exhibitor vehicles wishing to use the loading docks during load-in to DeVos Place. All vehicles must check-in with Traffic Control on Scribner Street. Vehicles arriving at DeVos Place loading dock without having checked-in on Scribner will be refused access to the docks and routed to Scribner Street for check-in. Scribner Street is a one-way street heading north and can be accessed from Pearl Street. Traffic control guards will be stationed on this street. Exhibitors are to check-in with the guard and provide the name of their event, booth number and company name. Exhibitor vehicles will be held on Scribner Street until the scheduled load-in begins, or until space is available on the loading docks. The guard will let them know when to proceed onto Michigan Street eastbound to the DeVos Place loading docks. The guard will give each vehicle a voucher which will allow them access to the dock. Marshaling yard use must be planned in advance with your event coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to your event start date.


Vehicles are permitted in exhibit hall areas strictly for purposes of loading and unloading freight. Unless they represent an integral part of a display, vehicles may not remain parked in the exhibit halls. Display vehicles must conform to State and City fire codes as it pertains to fuel tanks and battery connections. Vehicles, because of the flammable nature of fuel tanks and their ability to obstruct exit ways, cannot safely remain in the high traffic exhibit halls.

Empty Crate Storage

Crate storage is not permitted on-site at DeVos Place. Once exhibit materials have been unloaded, crates must be removed by your service contractor. DeVos Place does not provide any storage for exhibitors. All materials for a show may be delivered on the first day of the contracted time and must leave at the end of the contracted time. DeVos Place does not arrange for items to be shipped or stored. Our in-house decorator, Art Craft Display Group (616-791-8024), may be contacted to arrange for storage. The event will be charged excess rent for each hour that materials stay in the building if not properly pre-arranged. The Grand Rapids Fire Department will enforce this safety requirement.

Hand-carried Freight

Move-in or move-out through the DeVos Place Convention Center lobbies is strictly limited to hand-carried items. All load in and load out of show materials must be done through the loading docks. At no time shall the Grand Gallery (main convention center lobby) or passenger elevators be used for load in, load out, or restocking of materials. The general rule of thumb for items that may be hand carried is that if you could legally bring it on an airplane, you can take it through our front doors. Dollies and four-wheel carts are prohibited. Material that requires the use of wheeled or mechanical equipment must be delivered to the exhibit floor via the loading docks. The escalators and elevators connecting the lobbies to the exhibit level are designed for passenger use only. They are not capable, nor intended to carry heavier loads and can be damaged by carts loaded with freight.

Signs – Banners – Window Graphics

No signs, banners, or flags may be displayed on the interior or exterior of the buildings unless approved by your Event Coordinator. DeVos Place has permanent directional signage in all areas of the building. Any additional signage may be provided by the client. DeVos Place does not allow anything to be pinned, taped, tacked, stapled, or otherwise attached to walls. Nothing may be suspended from the meeting room ceilings. All large banners and signs that you would like to hang must be facilitated through Art Craft Display. Small signs may be hung using poster putty on painted surfaces only. Signs may not be adhered to the building in any other way. Signs may not be hung on brick walls. It is recommended that signage be made of a sturdy nature (such as foam core). Easels may be rented from either an AV company or a decorator. Please be kind enough to notify your presenters, exhibitors, staff and guests of this important guideline.


Animals, other than guide or service animals, are allowed in DeVos Place only for exhibits, demonstrations, and/or entertainment. All animals for those purposes must be approved by management and any proper permits must be obtained. All sanitary needs of animals will be the sole responsibility of the client. Compressed Gasses If the event will be bringing in any compressed gasses, you must notify and get approval for such by the Event Coordinator prior to the event. All compressed gasses brought into DeVos Place must be contained in an approved cylinder, which must be properly secured to prevent tipping or falling over. If the client has rented compressed gas tanks, we remind them to make sure a “pick-up” date is scheduled so tanks will be removed from the facility at the end of your contracted event time.

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