Board of Directors



Chad Tuttle, Corewell Health

Vice Chair

David Stobb, Ciena Healthcare Management Inc


Paul Pruitt, Majestic Care

Immediate Past Chair

Richard Prestage, NexCare Health Systems/WellBridge Group

*Executive Committee

Along with all the officers, board members marked with an asterisk also serve on the Executive Committee.

Board Members

Manda Ayoub, Pomeroy Living
Josh Baumol, Villa Health Care
*Mark Berger, Villa Health Care
*Shelly Berryman, Prestige Healthcare LLC
David Duffy, The Orchards of Michigan
Jack Methric, Mission Point Healthcare Services
*Robin Miller, Mission Point Healthcare Services
*Bob Norcross, Prestige Healthcare LLC
*Raj Patel, Optalis Health Management Group
Mike Perry, Nexcare Health Systems/WellBridge Group
*Catherine Reese, Vibrant Life Senior Living
Jeff Schade, The Peplinski Group
Hemant Shah, Optalis Health Management Group
Kimberly Smith, Spectrum Health Continuing Care
Will Smith, Vista Grande Villa
Samantha Thelen, Trilogy Health Services
Tricia Tomkinson, Ciena Healthcare Management Inc.
Chad Underly, Majestic Care
Destiny Wilkins, Jackson County Medical Care Facility
Rebecca Williams, Barton Woods Assisted Living
Frank Wronski, Nexcare Health Systems/WellBridge Group

Ex-Officio Members
*Andrew Rothman, Lebenbom & Rothman, P.C.

*Melissa Samuel, Health Care Association of Michigan