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Thousands of positive actions and outcomes occur daily in today’s skilled nursing and rehab facilities and assisted living communities. We are proud of the care HCAM members provide.

Please use the links below to find skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility or assisted living community to help with the level or care you or your loved one needs.

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With so many options, selecting a long term care provider can seem overwhelming. The best place to start is determining what type or level of services you or your loved one need. If medical services are required, medical professionals such as your doctor, the hospital social worker or discharge planner will likely be involved in helping you make the choice of what type of facility is needed.

Admissions coordinators at the facilities your medical care team recommends can be of great help to you in understanding your payment options.

Finally, when you have narrowed your choices down to a few options, it is important to visit, observe and ask questions.  We urge you to take a consumer checklist with you when visiting facilities to help you make the best possible decision for your family.

Nursing Facility Checklist Assisted Living Checklist


More resources can be found at or by clicking the image below.

Resident and Family Member Testimonials

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities play an integral role in our healthcare system and are an essential part of communities across our state. There are more than 420 nursing facilities in Michigan caring for your friends, family and neighbors. Nursing and rehabilitation facilities are the solution for thousands of people throughout the state. Annually they care for approximately 100,000 residents of Michigan.

Our member facilities often receive thank you letters from residents and families acknowledging the quality care they provide.

From a person returning home after receiving therapy following surgery or other medical event to a family member that is grateful for end of life care for a loved one, many people take the time to say thank you.  We hope you take a moment to read these letters and that you find them as poignant and inspiring as we do.