Meet Thelma



Meet Thelma

HCAM’s informational campaign, Meet Thelma, celebrates seniors and others who rely on skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities to provide the care they need to thrive in the safest, most appropriate environment based on
their care needs.

Thelma characterizes the typical resident living in a long-term care setting — a female in her mid-eighties. She represents the more than 100,000 residents in Michigan’s long-term care facilities. As our spokesperson, Thelma will carry our message that strong, viable nursing facilities and assisted living communities are must-have options for Michigan’s seniors.

The Meet Thelma campaign speaks to legislators, government officials, HCAM members and the public through several channels including social media, emails, newsletters, magazine articles, website postings and events. The goal of the ongoing campaign is to increase awareness and drive engagement with these audiences.

Central to the campaign is Thelma herself, personified as both a plush doll and a cardboard cutout. “We’re in the process of delivering Thelma to all 148 Michigan legislators,” said Samuel. “Our hope is that legislators will keep her in their off ices as a daily reminder that seniors and other vulnerable Michiganders count on them to create laws that ensure access to quality care as we age. This connection is vital because the skilled nursing profession is intricately tied to state government.”

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We’ve launched an Instagram just for Thelma. Please check it out, hit the follow button, and share the site with others to help Thelma keep the focus on our sector. 

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