The association staff is dedicated to serving our members.  Please click on the contact button for the person you would like to communicate with to send them an email.

Melissa Samuel
Melissa Samuel,
President/CEO HCAM

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Linda Lawther
Linda Lawther,
President/CEO MCAL

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Pat Anderson
Pat Anderson, Executive
V.P. of Reimbursement

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Cathy Sunlin
Cathy Sunlin,
V.P. of Regulatory Services

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Richie Farran
Richie Farran,
V.P. of Government Services

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Elizabeth Thomas
Elizabeth Thomas,
Director of Communications

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Rhonda Eldridge
Rhonda Eldridge,
Communications Specialist

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Mary Gettel,
Director of Education

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Julie MacKay
Julie MacKay,
Director of Finance

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Liv Hagerman
Liv Hagerman,
Education Specialist

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