As a Certified Assisted Living Director, you will join a prestigious group of professionals who have achieved a voluntary certification developed and maintained by the Health Care Association of Michigan. The high caliber CALD certification program is NAB-approved for Assisted Living Director voluntary certification in Michigan.

If you are currently a director or moving up the career ladder, by participating in CALD, you will not only gain certification but you will also come away with the assurance that you have elevated your knowledge and abilities by successfully completing the Core Licensure and the Residential Care/Assisted Living (RC/AL) line of service examinations. These national exams are developed by the highly respected National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Board (NAB).

Corporate leaders: You can be sure that staff sent through the CALD Training Program will be ready for success. Don’t miss this opportunity to certify your assisted living leadership.

2024 Dates

Part A:
January 18-19, 2024 – Closed
April 11-12, 2024 – Closed
July 11-12, 2024 – Cancelled
October 17-18, 2024

Part B*:
March 14-15, 2024 – Closed
June 13-14, 2024 – Closed
September 12-13, 2024
December 12-13, 2024

* Must complete Part A prior to Part B

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If you’ve already taken the CALD course but need a refresher before taking your exam, we offer a refresher course!
CALD Refresher
Existing CALD looking to renew your certification?
CALD Renewal


1. Attend CALD Part A two-day virtual training.

Using the Assisted Living Operations Manual as a guide, participants will navigate the differences in HFA, AFC and other assisted living settings. In-depth review of state laws, rules, regulations and public acts will be studied in detail, as well as everything from medication to compliance programs. Participants will learn from field professionals, guest speakers and will be introduced to the most up-to-date tools and forms available.


2. Complete independent six-week self-study and Senior Living University open-book exam.

Participants will review the provided Senior Living University (SLU) self-study manuals which will include the tools to effectively manage numerous departments including dietary, nursing, financial and human resources. It will also include tools to help further develop quality programs for residents and how to maintain census through effective marketing. Participants will complete and submit the SLU open-book exam (85% or higher to pass) prior to CALD B training. This open-book exam will help gauge participants’ knowledge of the assisted living core competencies and help prepare CALD Training Program participants for the NAB Core and RC/AL exams.


3. Attend CALD Part B two-day virtual training.

Participants will have the most current reference material available from the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB). Through various interactive hands-on exercises, participants will build off the foundation of knowledge learned throughout the previous six weeks. Multiple teaching methods are used to educate and prepare participants on the nationally recognized domains of practice: Care, Services, and Supports; Operations; Environment and Quality; and Leadership and Strategy. Part B will also include details of NAB Core Exam, RC/AL Exam, and registration instructions.


4. Pass the National Association of Long-Term Care Administrator Boards (NAB) Core and RC/AL Line of Service exams.

After completion of both CALD Part A and B, participants will be qualified to apply for the NAB Core & RC/AL national exams. The NAB CORE & RC/AL line of service exams are not required in HFA, AFC or other AL settings in Michigan. However, it is mandatory in many other states. Detailed exam registration instructions will be provided during day two of CALD Part B. All participants MUST meet the NAB RC/AL exam prerequisites (see registration page for details). *The cost of the NAB Core and RC/AL Line of Service exams are not included in the CALD program tuition. Registration and payment for the NAB Core and RC/AL exams is the sole responsibility of the student. Process guidance is provided during CALD training.



Currently in the state of Michigan there is not a certification or license required to hold the title of director or administrator in any assisted living setting, including adult foster care (AFC), homes for the aged (HFA), or other assisted living settings. The CALD Training Program is developed to proactively serve as a model for “best practice” within the profession.


Having directors/administrators who achieve a high level of qualification will better enhance the care and lives of our residents in assisted living environments. CALD aims to raise the bar by offering current and new* directors/administrators a professional certification based on Michigan’s most comprehensive state-specific training and a thorough process of preparation for NAB Core and RC/AL exam success. Participants will be well versed in federal and state rules and regulations.

*review prerequisites for more information


The CALD Training Program is an intimate, interactive, multi-step program. CALD participants will learn through virtual group training and through guided self-study. Participants will also have the opportunity to collaborate, network and learn with other professionals during class. While participants are responsible for completing the NAB Core and RC/AL exams on their own, the CALD program is designed to support their success!


Effective August 2018, any individual who registers for the HCAM CALD Training Program MUST meet the required training NAB Core and RC/AL exam per-requisites:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent, plus two years of work experience in the continuum of long-term care, including one year in a management or supervisory position.

Or –

  • An associate’s degree, plus one year of work experience in the continuum of long-term care, including six months in a management or supervisory position.

Or –

  • A bachelor’s degree, plus six months of management or supervisory experience in the continuum of long-term care.

Or –

  • Be currently licensed as a long-term care administrator.

Note: All management or supervisory requirements must be in the long-term care continuum which could be home and community based, assisted living and/or skilled care.

By registering for the HCAM CALD Training Program, you attest that the registrant meets one of the training program prerequisites indicated above. Register today to join a prestigious group of certified professionals!


CALD facilitators are all CALD Certified and experienced assisted living directors. Other speakers may include a representative from the AFC Licensing Division within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA); Michael Lebenbom, attorney; and other HFA and/or AFC directors, nurses and/or other assisted living staff.


CALD Part A: This continuing education activity is appropriate for adult foster care providers for a recommended maximum of 16 clock hours of professional development.

CALD Part B: This continuing education activity is appropriate for adult foster care providers for a recommended maximum of 16 clock hours of professional development.


HCAM Member Rate: $1,599

Prospective Member Rate: $2,500


Registration: Please use this form to register for the 2024 HCAM’s CALD Certification Training Program. Payment is due with registration.  Online registration requires a credit card.  Completed forms may also be mailed or faxed to the address listed on the form with payment included no later than three weeks before the Part A date you are registering for.

Event Confirmation: After your registration form has been processed, an event confirmation will be emailed to your attention. Please be sure to include a current email address on this form. If you do not receive a confirmation within 14 business days, please email Mary Gettel.


Dietary Restrictions/Special Accommodations: Individuals with special dietary restrictions or who require special accommodations to fully participate in this program should contact HCAM in writing by email to Mary Gettel prior to the registration deadline detailing their need. Please indicate whether the dietary restriction is a preference, allergy or life-threatening allergy.

Cancellation and Refund Policy: All refund requests must be made in writing by email to Mary Gettel. Telephone cancellations will NOT be accepted. Individual registration fees, less a 25% processing fee, will be refunded for cancellations received in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the date of the class. Cancellations requests will be considered by the VP of AL Services for determination on a case-by-case basis.

Substitutions: Individuals registered to attend this program, but unable to participate, may send a qualified alternate in their place. Please email Mary Gettel with the first and last name, title, and facility/company of both the original registrant and the alternate to process this request. Original registrant will be responsible to deliver Class materials already distributed to the original registrant to the qualified and approved alternate.

Consent to Use of Photographic Images: Registration and attendance at, or participation in, HCAM events and/or activities constitutes an agreement by the registrant to HCAM’s use and distribution (both now and in the future) of the registrant or attendee’s image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions and audiotapes of such events and activities.

Education Format: This program may be delivered in a virtual format if a face-to-face format is impractical, impossible, or illegal.

Questions: Should you have questions, please contact Mary by phone at (517) 627-1561 or by email at Mary Gettel.