Member Communications

The Association publishes many helpful publications to keep members informed about the latest regulatory, reimbursement and legislative landscapes — and much more. These publications include the HCAM Newsletter and vital Member Updates.  We also have a wide variety of education options that we promote regularly. The association supports facilities and the profession through media relations consulting and the distribution of publications including Promoting Excellence Magazine.

Association members will have to log in to access portions of the information referenced on this page.

Newsletter:  Stay informed on the latest Reimbursement, Regulatory and Legislative issues your facility faces on a daily basis.  Available to members only, HCAM/MCAL publishes a bi-weekly newsletter. This schedule was suspended in March 2020 due to Covid-19, however it resumed in August of 2021 as a weekly publication. Newsletters are sent via email, but are archived here for future reference.

University:  Available to members and nonmembers, HCAM/MCAL publishes an education overview once a month – outlining all upcoming educational offerings.  This is a great resource to find descriptions of all of our webinars/in-person/conference/virtual events in one spot. This document is sent via email, but the most recent editions are archived here for future reference.

Member Updates:  Available to members only, Member Updates are released as needed for emergent issues.  These updates are sent via email, but are archived here for future reference.

Promoting Excellence Magazine:  Available to members and nonmembers, Promoting Excellence Magazine is published three times a year.  This printed and online publication regularly features staff spotlights, renovations & new facilities, as well as topics of interest.

Press Releases:  Use this resource to find members in the news! Send us links to positive stories featuring your facility or staff.  Also found here is media relations content from the association.

PR Tool Kit:  Available to members only, this kit is meant to serve as a resource to help association members conduct public relations activities in their communities.